In 2001 we introduced Instant Snow Powder to the US market as the exclusive US agents for the Japanese Snowboard Parks (Snova) who were the first to develop and patent this type of snow. With over 25 years of experience in the gift industry, we immediately saw the potential for this amazing snow, the first “new” artificial snow in the U.S. market since shredded Styrofoam.

We are the experts in using artificial snow for every possible use and are always available to help you decide on what you need and the most economical use of our fake snow. We also sell a simple snowfall machine which uses a different type of snow and adds another dimension to many types of events. We will be glad to help you choose the best type of snow for your intended use.

Our offices and main warehouse are in Silicon Valley in Northern California, but we ship some items from our East Coast warehouses. We are currently selling SnoWonder Instant Fake Snow to professional photographers, filmmakers, gift stores, florists, designers, event planners, hotels, amusement parks, and ski resorts both in the US and worldwide. We also sell direct to consumers for every type of home use. If you are interested in using, selling, or distributing SnoWonder, contact our manager, .

SnoWonder: Artificial Instant Fake Snow Powder that's environmentally friendly
for holiday decorations, window displays, party decorations, photography, hobbies and crafts for fun, entertainment and education.
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