For best results make a small test batch by adding 2 cups of water to 1/8 measuring cup of powder. A standard yield would be one quart of snow. If this test batch results in a lower yield, it is likely due to the quality of the water. Increase the amount of powder to increase overall yield, or consider using better quality water. Adding more water will result in a wetter looking snow, but be careful not to add too much.

Standard mixing amounts for bulk SNOWONDER are 1 gallon of bottled spring water and 1 cup of dry powder. The dry powder should be measured out and put into the mixing container, followed by a vigorous addition of the water. This will yield approximately 2 gallons of Snow. PLEASE NOTE that the overall yield of snow can vary considerably depending upon the quality of the water used. Purer water will result in higher Snow yields. Harder water will result in lower yields.

Once the correct mixing ratio has been determined, multiply the quantities of water and powder to make larger batches. For large scale use, mix in a bucket big enough to hold the expanded Snow. Only mix in 5 or 10 gallon batches or results may be uneven.


  • Protect from Sunlight (see below)
  • Snow is very slippery; do not walk on it.
  • Cover surfaces with plastic, canvas or cloth for easy cleanup and to protect from moisture.

SnoWonder does not like direct sunlight, but strong artificial light or full shade are fine. If you must use Snow in sunlight, test it first to see how long it lasts in your area at the time of year you are using it, and keep it covered as long as possible. Adding fresh snow every hour will make it last longer.

Put mixed snow in a freezer for about 40 minutes to give it the consistency of real snow in order to make snowballs or mini snowmen.

You can use your snow in a play area (kids pool, water table, yard with tarp underneath) and in dozens of other fun and creative ways, indoors and in the shade outdoors.

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