You will need to refresh the Snow periodically by sprinkling water on the surface or spraying with a bottle. Sometimes fluffing it up is all it needs, but you need to replace moisture lost through evaporation. Deeper, wet snow will need less frequent refreshing than thinner applications. Spray with ice water to get cooler feeling Snow, or scatter ice cubes on the snow to keep it cool as the ice cubes melt.

Reuse: When you take your display down, save it for future use by spreading it thin and letting it dry to crumbly powder. Store in a tightly closed container and reconstitute with water. You can also store your snow wet in a sealed bag or container for a limited amount of time.

The best and most popular way to reuse or dispose of your snow is to give it away to guests (supply plastic bags) so they can use it at their own events at home, work or school.

Disposal: Do not try to wash Snow away as it will turn to gel. Mix it in with garden soil as a soil additive that helps the soil retain moisture. Or, pick it up with vacuum or broom and dispose of as ordinary waste. Do not put it in a sink as it may clog drains.

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