Easy to use Snowfall Machines for a great Falling Snow effect

Note, all machine snow evaporates as soon as it lands

Note: For Ground that does NOT evaporate, go to Instant Snow

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NOTE: ALL Snow Machines produce Snowfall that EVAPORATES in about 1 minute. If you want snow for your kids to play in, you want our Instant Snow (see Order Sno tab above and Photo Gallery). We are the only company with Both Snowfall and Ground snow.

Our SnowFall Machine turns your indoor or outdoor event into a Winter Wonderland by shooting realistic snowflakes 15 to 20 feet into the air. Dazzle your friends and neighbors at parties, winter and holiday events, on parade floats and in stage productions. Like ALL snowfall machines, this type of snow evaporates in a minute or less after landing. Our patented solution leaves the ground dry and with no residue.

Combine it with our Instant snow on the ground to create a Winter Wonderland the same way movie and production companies create realistic snow scenes. Works is cold or warm weather. Completely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Set up and ready to use in minutes.

The machine comes with 6 bottles of Solution in the box, providing up to 6 hours of run time; order extra solution as needed.

With FREE SHIPPING and free solution, you can own a machine for less than the cost of a rental. Made by Snowmasters, manufacturers of commercial machines used in major films and amusement parks worldwide. 1 year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer.


Please visit our online store at www.snowonder.com to purchase today! Note, Free Shipping only in Continental U.S.

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ORDERS SHIP OUT in 1 or 2 business days BY UPS GROUND (2 to 7 day transit time, call for details) FROM OUR WAREHOUSE IN ALABAMA or CALIFORNIA. ORDER ONLINE, or by PHONE OR EMAIL.

  • Email or Call for FASTER or INTERNATIONAL shipping choices. Call toll-free: 1-888-ITS-SNOW (1-888-487-7669).
  • This item ships UPS ground in one oversized box. EMAIL US FOR UPS TRANSIT TIME TO YOUR ADDRESS
  • Snowfall machine is NOT returnable.
  • This item comes with a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer (Global Special Effects).


Size of Unit: 36” Tall
Unit Weight: 11 pounds
Box Size: 15×14×12
Electrical requirements: 10 amp, 110v circuits per machine.
Warm Up Time: None
Snow Fall Area: 15 to 20 feet
Evaporative Time: About 60 – 90 seconds
Snow Machine Controls: ON/OFF
Tank Capacity: One half gallon
Length of Snowfall per full tank: Approximately 1 hour

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