Transform your event, trade show or retail display by creating a backdrop of sparkling white and realistic instant snow. You can decorate entrances, table centerpieces, trees and anything else to draw attention and create a real winter wonderland theme. Florists can make spectacular arrangements with a snow theme for table centerpieces at events of all kinds or to decorate a focal point such as a lobby or other central area.

Even small amounts of snow will get everyone’s attention and people will wonder where you found real snow—and why it is not melting. Elegant wedding and banquets, business events and parties, and professional displays can all be enhanced with fake snow that will be the highlight of your event and instantly set the tone. Larger dramatic displays of snow as a backdrop along a wall or surrounding an entrance or other important area can be set up quickly and cleaned up easily at the end, though in fact every guest will want to carry home as much snow as they can for their home or office, leaving you with virtually no cleanup.

Other uses for fake snow at events include children’s play areas, photo and video areas where you can create lasting memories of your event, or dramatic and creative floral arrangements that include snow. Hotel and building lobbies, garden areas and planters are great places to dramatize with snow. Your planning and creative team will come up with their own ideas to create and personalize your snow day.

SnoWonder: Artificial Instant Fake Snow Powder that's environmentally friendly
for holiday decorations, window displays, party decorations, photography, hobbies and crafts for fun, entertainment and education.
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