Use for professional photo shoots

All snow in the cover of this magazine is our artificial fake Sno!

This is the most realistic artificial snow you have ever seen. It's great for still, video, fashion and film photography in the “snow”. SnoWonder lasts for weeks, which enables you to come back to the same perfect look day after day! With live models the snow can be mixed with warm water and no one will get chilled and the snow will not melt even on the skin.

Our fake snow powder mixes in seconds and enables you to set up and clean up very quickly. Instant snow stays put and will not blow away. You can use props for depth and cover them with an inch or two of snow for the look of a deep snowdrift. No worry about close-ups because this snow looks perfect at any distance.

Whatever the environment or location, you can quickly create the dramatic shots you need or the perfect backdrop for any catalog items you are showcasing.

We can have our snow at your site tomorrow if you are in a hurry and will do everything possible to have you up and running on time. Our instant snow powder lasts for many years so if you order too much, keep it on hand for your next snow shoot, or use it to decorate your own holiday photos and parties.

Our 10+ years of experience working with professionals like you enable us to give you the guidance and service you need for success.

SnoWonder: Artificial Instant Fake Snow Powder that's environmentally friendly
for holiday decorations, window displays, party decorations, photography, hobbies and crafts for fun, entertainment and education.
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