Everyone loves to play in snow, and now you can do it indoors anytime you like. Nightclubs and restaurants and special events of all kinds can easily and quickly be themed with snow, and both kids and adults can entertain themselves and their friends making and playing with artificial snow.

How easy is it to create a snow play area? Just put a tarp or drop cloth down on any surface and cover it with a few inches or snow. For just a few kids you need as little as 3 pounds of our fake instant snow powder. For larger areas, use the calculations on the Order Sno page or contact us to help figure out how much snow you will need. Large dramatic play and slide areas have been used at summer camps and preschools across the US and larger scale uses, such as an indoor play area at a movie complex in India or a massive snow slide using round tubes at shopping centers across Brazil, are also possible.

When it comes to special events at restaurants and nightclubs, decorating an entire patio or roof area with snow and snowfall is a dramatic accent for many types of events. Indoors, dramatic snow-themed banquets, weddings etc. are easy to set up and fun for everyone who attends.

Put on your thinking cap and see how snow can be just what you need for a fun and entertaining event any time of year, indoors or outdoors.

SnoWonder: Artificial Instant Fake Snow Powder that's environmentally friendly
for holiday decorations, window displays, party decorations, photography, hobbies and crafts for fun, entertainment and education.
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